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Working with Apple files can cause eDiscovery Headaches

The corporate market has historically operated on Windows-based machines, and therefore Microsft software. As a result, most eDiscovery software was built to handle exclusively Microsft based files. As Apple has become a more prominent player in this market, and as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend continues to grow, firms are seeing an increasing amount of Mac files in their ESI.  Attempting to run those files through legacy eDiscovery software can result in errors, corrupted files, or missed data.

Recently Lexbe announced it’s capability to handle files from the increasingly common Apple based work applications Apple iWork, iMessage and Notes. The Lexbe cloud-based platform allows our development team to quickly react to emerging trends and deploy instant updates to all users, without requiring our customers to perform cumbersome updates or purchased software upgrades.

Not only does Lexbe process files from Apple devices for e-discovery, but it is also fully compatible to operate on Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones. The Lexbe platform enables lawyers involved in complex litigation and working on Apple devices to access their cases at any time and from anywhere there is a network connection.

If you anticipate receiving Mac based files as part of an ESI collection, we invite you to download our free eDiscovery Checklist: Collecting, Processing and Producing Mac OS and iOS Evidence.

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