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Lexbe Beats the Competition in ROI According to Recent Research Report

G2 Crowd ranks Lexbe as the best eDiscovery solution for speed of Return on Investment

G2 Crowd, an online software grading platform, validates users before administering a 60 point questionnaire to gain in-depth feedback on various software applications. Their analysis of eDiscovery platforms places Lexbe in the lead on 6 out of 7 key metrics in determining Return on Investment (ROI).

Lexbe won against competing eDiscovery services including Relativity, Next Point, Logikcull, and others in offering faster ROI (within a month by G2 Crowd analysis), and higher scores in nearly all customer satisfaction benchmarks.

G2 Crowd Findings:

  • Ease of Doing Business With: 96% – Lexbe offers straightforward pricing with flexible solutions for any-sized firm.
  • Ease of Use: 90% – Intuitive design and smart technology offers users an easy-to-use eDiscovery platform.
  • Quality of Support: 97% – Lexbe’s Professional Services team members are ACEDS certified and can provide technical expertise with the complex parts of discovery. Additionally, all accounts receive an on-boarding training session as well as ongoing weekly training classes at no cost.
  • Meets Requirements: 92% – An end-to-end solution, Lexbe allows users to process, analyze, cull, review, and produce large discovery collections quickly and securely.
  • Ease of Admin: 98% – Smart technology offers enhanced administration tools allowing eDiscovery managers to keep their team firing on all cylinders. Worth noting, Lexbe performed 25 points higher on this metric than Relativity.
  • Ease of Set-up: 98% – Lexbe’s cloud-based eDiscovery is instantly deployable with zero set-up time or maintenance required.

G2 Crowd polled verified Lexbe users to determine that the average Return on Investment took less than a month for most users. This impressive metric offered the fastest turn-around time on an eDiscovery investment among the platforms included in the study.

Working with Apple files can cause eDiscovery Headaches

The corporate market has historically operated on Windows-based machines, and therefore Microsft software. As a result, most eDiscovery software was built to handle exclusively Microsft based files. As Apple has become a more prominent player in this market, and as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend continues to grow, firms are seeing an increasing amount of Mac files in their ESI.  Attempting to run those files through legacy eDiscovery software can result in errors, corrupted files, or missed data.

Recently Lexbe announced it’s capability to handle files from the increasingly common Apple based work applications Apple iWork, iMessage and Notes. The Lexbe cloud-based platform allows our development team to quickly react to emerging trends and deploy instant updates to all users, without requiring our customers to perform cumbersome updates or purchased software upgrades.

Not only does Lexbe process files from Apple devices for e-discovery, but it is also fully compatible to operate on Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones. The Lexbe platform enables lawyers involved in complex litigation and working on Apple devices to access their cases at any time and from anywhere there is a network connection.

If you anticipate receiving Mac based files as part of an ESI collection, we invite you to download our free eDiscovery Checklist: Collecting, Processing and Producing Mac OS and iOS Evidence.

Lexbe Redesigns Platform Interface

In early November 2017, Lexbe deployed a revamped graphical user interface (GUI) for its eDiscovery platform. The updated GUI follows Google’s guidelines for Material Design, allowing for a consistent experience across software applications. By following these industry standards Lexbe users are able to intuitively navigate their user dashboard, locate menus, and perform search functions. Improving the user experience has the tangible benefit of accelerating document review.

While the interface has been revamped, Lexbe has kept popular features in place. Advanced search, the integrated document viewer, our proprietary Uber Index, and all of the other core applications our users depend on are untouched except for modernizing their appearance and functionality.

Lexbe’s advanced search application still allows users to perform comprehensive searches
Lexbe users will still view documents in an integrated tabbed environment.
DIY productions and briefcases are still core components of our platform.

A Lawyer’s Guide to eDiscovery Processing

Vast volumes of digital evidence continue to grow as more devices and digital channels of communication generate electronically stored information. The resulting growth of precise and objective probative evidence has dramatically impacted the legal landscape and requires that lawyers be equipped with the knowledge of how to handle these dynamic data sets in order to succeed in complex litigation. This educational webinar addresses the critical steps and best practices in eDiscovery processing so lawyers involved in complex litigation can be equipped to handle these cases in-house.

Key Points

  • Growth of Volume of ESI
  • Goals of eDiscovery Processing
  • Processing in Overall EDRM Workflow
  • Scalable Processing
  • ESI Processing Steps Overview
  • ESI Processing Steps Details
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Practical Take Aways

About the Speaker

Christian Detrude is an eDiscovery Solutions Senior Director at Lexbe. He is ACEDs certified and highly proficient in all phases of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). He is an expert at equipping boutique law firms with the capabilities to handle complex cases in-house.

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Lexbe Announces the Launch of the Uber Index of eDiscovery

This is an image of the Lexbe Uber Index logo which is the industry's best keyword search index for eDiscovery

The industry’s most advanced search index for litigation document review improves retrieval accuracy, accelerates the review process and dramatically reduces costs

August 22, 2017 (Austin, TX) – Lexbe, a leading provider of cloud e-discovery software and services, announced the launch of the Uber Index. The Lexbe Uber Index combines comprehensive native file text extraction, OCR text extraction, metadata extraction, foreign language translated characters and dynamic real-time updating into a single concatenated index to deliver the fastest, most comprehensive eDiscovery search index in the industry.

“Lexbe’s Uber Index has been instrumental in helping us quickly get prepared for depositions and trial by finding the needles in the haystacks,” said Jim Finneran, Compliance Officer at Blitz Telecom Consulting. “In all of our years using e-discovery, Lexbe, by far, delivers the best indexing in support of litigation.”

The Lexbe Uber Index empowers attorneys to ensure critical document content such as potential evidence, attorney work product, and privilege communication is not missed. With a single search query, the Uber Index finds all instances of the keywords used to identify these documents across more versions of each document than any other search index in the industry. This is accomplished by concatenating multiple potential keyword hit sources from every document into a single search index. Starting with comprehensive native file text and metadata extraction, the Uber Index captures important document text that traditional e-discovery TIFF and PDF solutions can often miss. The Lexbe Uber Index ensures document review comments, tracked revisions, presentation notes, hidden cells in spreadsheets and characters that fall outside of print selections are captured.

The Uber Index simultaneously adds optical character recognition (OCR) text from scanned and other imaged documents that remain common in modern litigation document collections. This important evidence includes scanned attachments in email, embedded images with text or numbers in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and other document types. ‘Native review only’ and Early Case Assessment tools often take the limiting approach of only extracting native text and as a result can also miss key litigation evidence. The Uber Index also adds English language translation of foreign language documents including documents translated by the Lexbe Platform’s integrated foreign language translation capabilities and documents manually translated then added into the Lexbe Platform. This allows for a single, comprehensive cross-language search of documents regardless of the language used to compose the original document.

“We continue to collaborate and work with our clients to provide innovations that solve their case critical problems,” said Gene Albert, CEO of Lexbe. “The Lexbe Uber Index gives our customers confidence that they’re not missing anything in their e-discovery searches, while at the same time reducing e-discovery review costs.”

The Lexbe Uber Index is a vast improvement on modern e-discovery indexing and enterprise search by providing the following benefits:

• Improved search accuracy • Finds all instances of important keywords and issues • Instrumental in finding privileged documents • Indexes previously non-searchable documents • Improves predictive coding accuracy • Increases the speed of review • Simplifies multilingual document review • Eliminates rework and re-indexing

Engineered for superior efficiency, the Lexbe Uber Index has dynamic real-time updating that enables users to add files for review without re-indexing the entire file set and therefore reducing the time to review. Because the Uber Index concatenates the processed data into a single index, it eliminates the rework of conducting the same keyword search multiple times across multiple indices as required by traditional e-discovery platforms.

All current Lexbe customers using the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform benefit from the Uber Index at no additional charge. “With Lexbe, we make it simple for boutique firms involved in complex litigation to perform self-service e-discovery, find critical evidence and generate the highest quality production of ESI,” said Albert. “And for those firms that need assistance, we have certified, on-demand e-discovery specialists to help with even the most complex e-discovery processes.”

About Lexbe

With over 120% growth in 2016, Lexbe is one of the fastest growing eDiscovery companies. For more than 11 years, boutique law firms and more than 4000 e-discovery professionals have come to rely on Lexbe for affordable self-service and full-service cloud-based e-discovery solutions. The Lexbe eDiscovery platform delivers the performance required for the processing, review and production of ESI, in support of complex litigation, including the industry’s fastest processing, most comprehensive indexing and 99.999% uptime. For more information on the Lexbe Uber Index visit

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