Big Case, Boutique Firm

By watching this webinar you’ll take away:

  • ESI Growth and Challenges to Smaller Firms
  • The Trend of Boutique Firms Handling Larger and More Sophisitcated Cases
  • Leveraging Technology to Manage Bigger Cases
  • Managing the Large Document Review and Production
  • Handling Large Incoming Productions
  • Depos, Dispositive Motions and Trial
  • Practical Take Aways

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About the Speaker

Gene Albert is the CEO of Lexbe, and a frequent speaker and writer on litigation technology and eDiscovery topics. He is on the Planning Committee of the Texas State Bar eDiscovery Program. Gene has his JD from Southern Methodist University and his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Increasingly lawyers are taking advantage of technology to practice in specialized boutique and smaller firm environments. But the rapidly growing size of collections of electronically stored information (ESI) presents an increasingly difficult challenge: How to effectively manage these resource-hungry cases without large firm support. Learn best practices and more in this highly informative webinar.