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Lexbe Review – Brett Burney Evaluates Lexbe

Brett Burney recently reviewed Lexbe’s Online eDiscovery platform in Technolawyer’s LitigationWorld. In his review, Brett highlights the affordability, ease of use, and the extensive functionality and feature set of Lexbe when compared to other cloud-based platforms. Brett’s Lexbe review can be viewed here.

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Lexbe All Set for 2014 ABA Techshow

Lexbe is excited to attend the 2014 ABA Techshow at the Chicago Hilton, March 27-29. Come by booth 509 to visit with Lexbe representatives who can give you more information about our latest updates and feature enhancements, as well as upcoming developments to our software and service offerings.

From the ABA: Technology is becoming fully integrated in the practice of law. Our legal work is now more dependent on the use of technology, in and out of the office. It helps us to practice more efficiently, serve clients more effectively, and better manage our daily lives.

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10 Best Practices: Forms of Production

Emails and their attachments represent an increasingly significant portion of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) collections and for good reason, too. The hundreds of billions of emails that are sent daily paint a comprehensive picture of our personal and professional lives, so it is no wonder that litigators must thoroughly and effectively review these collections for relevant case material. All too often, the “smoking gun” is hiding in .msg files and their attachments, but the peculiarities of email format can make this key evidence difficult to find, process for review, search, and produce. Watch to avoid the pitfalls of email discovery and find the critical evidence that breaks your case.

Key Points

  • Know the rules (FRCP/state/local)
  • Match your review request with your review approach
  • Know the common file deliverables in productions
  • ‘Meet and Confer’ (Rule 26) to your advantage
  • Request specific file types and metadata as needed
  • Track custodians & handle deduplication
  • Address placeholders, databases and unusual file types
  • Negotiate a comprehensive discovery order in complicated cases
  • Watch out for redactions traps
  • Increase privilege review accuracy with near dup checks
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