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Are You Still Paying Too Much for eDiscovery Processing?

“Free eDiscovery Processing” sounds too good to be true. Until now, you may have spent many hundreds of dollars per GB to process native documents like Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files into paginated reviewable formats like TIFF or PDF. So how can those charges simply disappear? The revolutionary answer lies with Lexbe’s secure, scalable cloud technology.

Key Points

  • eDiscovery Processing Background
  • Rising Costs of eDiscovery
  • Leveraging New Technologies to Reduce Costs
  • Case Study: Dramatic Cost Savings by Utilizing Lexbe’s New Technologies
  • Lexbe Hosting and Review Technology Overview

About the Speaker

Stu Van Dusen is an eDiscovery solutions consultant with Lexbe, and a frequent speaker and writer on litigation technology. He has his MS Technology Commercialization from UT Austin, and his BS in Business Administration & Management from Trinity University.

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