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Negotiating a State-of-the-art eDiscovery Protocol

The continued growth in ESI volume, new communication methods, and new eDiscovery technologies makes having a modern ESI protocol, agreed order or agreement more critical than ever for success in your cases. A properly negotiated agreement can speed collection, review, search, and production, reduce unnecessary eDiscovery expenses, and reduce the risk of eDiscovery sanctions for mistakes. But most importantly it can help make sure you are marshaling the evidence you need to competently and optimally prove and defend your case issues. Learn the best practices available in today’s quickly changing legal landscape.


  • What are ESI Agreements, etc.
  • Increasingly Important Legal Requirements
  • Particular Points for Inclusion
  • ESI collection activities
  • Review procedures: linear, search, TAR
  • Production Format
  • Privileged information
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Reference Guide for Examples of Protocols, Requirements, etc.

Webinar Resources

Negotiating a State of the Art eDiscovery Protocol – PDF Download

2019-12-Lexbe-Sample-ESI-Agreement-Order – PDF Download

Negotiating a State of the Art eDiscovery Protocol – MP3 Download

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